Friday, November 19, 2010

Scales, or lack thereof

Wasn't much looking forward to my lesson. The week hadn't been great, practicewise, and I blew some of my little time trying to figure out how to record a video in a reasonable way. (Turns out it's hard.) The reeds I've been playing on are getting old, and I haven't found much time to work on them, or better yet new ones. After spending some time on tone (I'm still not bright enough, I know), M said to skip the scales, because "they're always fine". Sure, they're fine because I start my practices with scales, and not so rarely that's all I get to. And I'd even bumped up the metronome mark, because he'd kind of gently suggested that I ought to. So I was left facing the study, the same study I've had for like four lessons, which probably reached its peak a couple lessons ago, and which I'd started to try to get the metronome mark up, but hadn't really finished. And I began.

Well, I got through it, with some stumbles, and without even the excuse of missing days that I'd had last week. I checked the tempo, and at least I was more or less in the ballpark of where I was aiming. Then we started going through it. By the end, I actually felt much happier, as if I wasn't playing terribly. We then went through one of my excerpts, the ones for the YT symphony audition which I'm now pretty certain I won't end up doing, and then worked on the first few phrases of the 2nd movement of Mozart. It was a nice change, and it was good to play something for which the suggestions weren't "work through this slowly, with a metronome". So I felt reasonably happy after my lesson, much more so than before I went.

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