Saturday, November 20, 2010

New iPod

So I got a new iPod. My old one, a touch 2G, I've been using heavily to listen to music, and also to record lessons with the help of a thumbtack microphone. Unfortunately, I dropped it while listening to a lesson recording while putting air in my tires, and the screen cracked. A week or so later the screen stopped working entirely, for a total of about 13 months of use. What is really annoying is that it was supposed to have come free with my new laptop, but I guess I filed the rebate form late, and ended up paying full price. I traded the broken unit back to Apple in exchange for a discount on the new one, a 32G 4G, which covered some fraction of the cost of the case that I got to hopefully allow this one to last a little longer.

The new one has a camera (see the pic above) and onboard mic, so it ought to be even more convenient for recording things. To test it out, I recorded the Tchaikovsky except, you can hear it below. It could use some reverb, and the mike is too close to the bassoon (it was sitting on my music stand), but I think the sound of the recording is not too terrible. The playing, on the other hand...

T4-excerpt-2010-11-20 by TFox17

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