Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lesson after absence

I did get some practices in after I got back, but it all felt very weird. Only in the past day did the reed start to feel normal, and whether that's the reed becoming accustomed to playing again, or me, I don't know. I spent most of my practice time on scales, focusing on tone and fingers. Current tempo is 16ths at quarter=63 (I got encouraged to start moving the tempo, gradually, at my last lesson two weeks ago). We spent time on the etude, and it was musically improving, though my fingers didn't know it even as well as they did at my last lesson. I brought some excepts, the repertoire for the Youtube Symphony auditions, which I have half a mind to enter even though I think I have no chance of winning. Tchaik 4, Figaro, and Sheherezade, a pretty canonical set of pieces. Oh, and Mozart for the solo. I came home from the lesson feeling pretty happy. It's not that my playing was all fine, it wasn't, but I had a good excuse, and I sounded pretty good despite the technical flaws. And M's hand has been healing, and he played a bit too, so I had some examples to work from. Not bad, as lessons go.

Joost Bosdijk's master class on excerpts vaguely related to the ones asked for:

And Stephen Paulson, talking about Scheherezade:

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