Friday, January 21, 2011

Second public performance

I performed the Mozart allegro at my wife's music club last night. Any giant train wrecks? No, not really. Did I remember all the notes? Most of them. Did I rush the tricky bits? I think not at all. Did I have fun, did people like it? Yes on both, I think. The pianist, an amateur like me, did a great job with only a few days of preparation on a rather unfriendly piano reduction. So, all things considered, should be pretty good, right?

Well, actually, there are a ton of things which make me cringe, now when I listen to the recording. It got worse after I put it in iTunes and listened to it next to the professional recordings I have. Still, I think there's a virtue in reality. This is where I am. And if my blog is a diary, I might as well be honest with my diary and myself: this is what I sound like.

Mozart bassoon concerto, first movement by TFox17


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  2. A very worthy rendition - I've certainly heard a lot worse. And you got good applause at the end plus a "wow" from some one.

    What did you use to record the performance? And what did you use when you were rehearsing (Fist Public Performance Blog) - I'm currently utlising my Korg D1600 digital portastudio at home at present but I'm struggling to get a decent sound from my mic set-up - need to experiment a little more I think.

  3. Hey, thanks for listening and for the kind words. This was recorded with the onboard mic on an iPod Touch 4G. I like the iPod for field recording, because it's convenient and unobtrusive, and the sound quality is good enough for my purposes. I've recorded myself at home with slightly fancier gear, but unfortunately the mistakes remain the same.