Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Mozetich Concerto

There aren't many contemporary concertos. John William's Five Sacred Trees is well known, and I love Judith Leclair's recording of it that I got off iTunes. You can get a taste of it from recitals on YouTube, eg this one. I recently read about Marjan Mozetich's 2003 concerto. Mozetich is a Canadian composer, pretty successful and well known as contemporary classical composers go (2010 Juno winner, for example), whose work is described as both romantic and post-minimalist. So I was kind of curious what the concerto sounded like. There are some samples on Mozetich's website, and bits of other pieces on YouTube, but it's not so easy to find the whole thing. Until I discovered the Canadian Music Centre, which will not only stream you Canadian music, including some live performance of the Mozetich concerto, but will loan you a score if you want to study or play it. They don't even charge postage! There are things I like about Canada.

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