Saturday, April 24, 2010

R7 and R8

Unwrapped, wired and numbered R7 and R8. I'm working towards the end of my Rigotti cane, will need to think about buying more. R6 I last touched in January, when I thought I might be able to make two reeds a week. Haven't gotten there, not close. 4 months=16 weeks, and I've made, ooh, well I'm playing on G7 and G14 is sitting on the desk. So I've made about 15 reeds, or two every two weeks.

Also formed tubes on two sticks of Neuranter cane. My previous luck wasn't so great with this cane, we'll see if I do any better after a bit of experience. If not, I won't get more, since its price is a fair bit higher, and I don't find it fun to work on cane that costs $5 a stick.

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