Saturday, April 3, 2010

G12, G13, and G14

Unwrapped, wired, and numbered. I'm trying to do production, but every reed ends up an experiment anyway:

G12. Maybe I got a little too excited beveling near the butt, inspired by the Herzberg bevel. Noticed some separation along the rails, near the midpoint down the blade.

G13. I found some 22 gauge brass wire at the home center, and was happy to have a local source to replenish my dwindling wire supply. Only later noticed that it's just brass, not soft brass. Tried it on this reed, and while it does work, it takes more force, and puts more force on the reed. I guess there's a reason soft brass is preferred. I cut the rest of mine into 7 cm pieces for convenient use later.

G14. This was the one dried on the forming mandrel.

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