Sunday, December 18, 2011

Modding an ultrasonic cleaner

Here's the new button on my ultrasonic cleaner, mostly installed by my son. The old one failed, as I mentioned earlier. The new one is working fine, so far, and it should be more reliable than the original, since the connection doesn't go through the hinge. However, the cleaner was out of commission for a couple of weeks while we got around to doing it. This gave me a chance to see if the cleaner is actually doing any good, or if zapping reeds in this thing is just another waste of time. And, well, I guess I expected my reed to start getting cruddy eventually, but I had no idea how fast. Within a couple of days, a layer of slime had started to build up on the back of the reed. Gross! Is this what the rest of the world is putting up with? Me, I started to try and scrub my reed under fast hot water after every use, and I'm glad to get my cleaner back online.

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