Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas shows and sightreading

I have three shows in the next few days, I guess it must be Christmas. One is chamber music, a noon-hour fundraiser. Another is a senior's concert with my main orchestra, the first of our two Christmas shows. It'll be fine, my main concern is that I'm still looking for another bassoonist for the second show a week later. The third is tomorrow night, sitting in with one of the other community orchestras in town. I only got asked to do this on Tuesday, so I'll be doing the show on zero rehearsals. Even if the music is easy, and the standards are low (they must be, or they wouldn't ask me), I think I'd still prefer to have at least one rehearsal under my belt. I'm a decent sight reader, and some of the music I've seen before, but still, I never know what the tempos will be, is it in two or four, are those repeats good, where does that DS go back to. I'll be the only bassoonist, so there won't even be anyone else to lean on, but the multi-instrumentalist who asked me will be playing clarinet next to me, so hopefully she can keep me on the right page. I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself, though. Whoever I find for the second show next week will have to do the same thing.

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