Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Practice chart

Here's the practice chart I made for Mozart. Each snippet of a few bars gets a name ("regal opening", "F arpeggios", "trilly bit"), and every date gets a column. Performances are circled. After I work on a snippet, I mark it off, usually writing the metronome mark I achieved. Mostly I'm putting the metronome on 8ths, so my full tempo is 210+. The idea is not that I expect myself to deeply practice every bar on every day - I find it pretty easy to blow 20 minutes or more on two beats, and I don't have enough time or energy to spend the hours required. Rather, the chart lets me see at a glance though what bits I've been neglecting. If a passage hasn't been worked from slow to fast in a few days, it could probably use some attention. Also important, filling it out gives me a feeling of accomplishment, a record of small victories, however transient, over the notes.

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