Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The big show

The show happened - last night I played a movement of the Mozart bassoon concerto with orchestra. Here's a pic, taken just as I went on. It went well, about as well as could be expected, given who and where I am. One odd squawk, one concentration slip just before a tricky bit, those are the flaws I remember, but overall I was pretty pleased. Everyone clapped at the end and said nice things to me afterward. My daughter was in the front row, about a foot away from me since the stage was a little cramped, and she was giving me feedback and a thumbs up after every passage. Once I have a recording I'll put it up, in case either of my readers wants to listen. It was a lot of work, and while the end result was not perfect, I learned a great deal along the way. We'll do the whole show twice more over the next few weeks, after which I can put this piece away for awhile. I think everyone around me will be grateful when that happens.

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  1. It was really well done. I'll get the recording off the recorder thing for you.