Saturday, March 19, 2011

YouTube Symphony Finale

The YouTube symphony is almost done, and will have their final concert, live streamed over the net with a few soloists "docking in" their solos from all over the world. The project is producing lots of great video; here's one of the bassoonists working out in the wild with a keyboard player. Very nice playing in fantastic locations.

Test of the projections on the exterior of the Sydney Opera House. Wow, this is going to be a show.  The program is available on their channel: Mothership is in the middle, it closes with Firebird, and lots of cool stuff in there. I'm not sure I'm willing to stay up until 3am, but oh man.

Updated: My 12 year old insisted on being woken up to watch it live. I watched some live with him, and more on the rebroadcasts that seem to be looping right now.  A fabulous show, on all levels.

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