Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second rehearsal

Last night was the second time playing it with the orchestra, and my first time playing it in front of our conductor B. I'd just given blood in the afternoon, so I was a little concerned that I might not be at 100%. When the time came, I grabbed my things to go stand up at the front. B went to chase me a stand, and while stopping him, I realized that not only was I planning to play from memory, but I hadn't even brought my part with me. Absentmindedness or confidence, who knows. In any case, knowing the part went (mostly) fine. And though I sometimes felt a little spacey, this wasn't entirely a bad thing. I think it helped me to not rush the sixteenths, which probably helped them be a little cleaner. The worst part was probably the few minutes spent woodshedding the strings without me. I stood the horn up and leaned on it, trying to look cool, but mostly I was just concerned I might keel over and ding the horn.

I still don't have a cadenza. There's time, but still, I'd better get on that.

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