Saturday, December 18, 2010

What you learn from visuals

This is another take on the F scale I posted yesterday. (Yes, it's true, I did multiple takes when trying to record a simple scale!) I didn't use it because I ran out of air, and didn't get all the way down, but I did notice something from looking at the waveform. You can see the individual notes on the waveform, as the different tonal colors and different volumes of each note produce slightly higher or lower extremes on the waveform. That I'm kind of used to, though it might not happen on some more acoustically ideal instrument (probably not a bassoon!). And on the upper E and F, you can see the tone waver, as I try to support the pitch. I'm used to hearing that too, although it's a flaw. But what really struck me was the note in the middle of the picture, the Bb coming down, which starts really small then grows big. When I first listened to the recording, I thought this note sounded fine, but it doesn't look fine on the waveform. I clearly must have backed off at the beginning, and then brought the sound back to full. And now that I've seen the problem, I can't listen to the recording without hearing it too. I wonder how often I do that: yet another technical error to watch out for. No doubt I just got some tiny minuscule amount better, but I also worry that I'll drive myself crazy if I get too picky.

2 octave f scale 2010-12-17 2nd try by TFox17

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