Friday, December 17, 2010


Had a lesson last night. Here's the first few licks of the Mozart concerto. I was pretty happy with it at the time, so it's probably a reasonable indicator of where I am at the moment, when I'm playing at my best.

Mozart opening 2010-12-17 by TFox17

Inspired by Betsy's post on playing high F, I dug out a recording I'd made about year ago when, suddenly, for about one day, my reed and the stars were aligned and I could play a high F. At the time (Nov 2009) I realized how out of tune the high notes were, with the high F being about a full semitone flat. What I didn't realize then, but makes me cringe now, is how terrible the intonation is on the rest of the scale. It's awful. Maybe I have improved in the past year.

3 octave F scale by TFox17


I had to record a basic F scale the way it is now, just for comparison. Recorded on the iPod, with a touch of reverb (12% Large Chamber) added in Ableton. That's a little less painful to listen to, I think.
bassoon 2 octave F scale by TFox17

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