Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly goals

Weekly lessons are going to be tough. It's now fall, so schedules will be more regular, so I'll miss fewer lessons due to mismatches, and will need to be prepared on a weekly basis for whatever I'm presenting that week. This isn't very many practice sessions to develop and learn whatever major concepts or changes I need to do based on the previous lesson. So maybe being specific week-to-week will help.

This week, my goal is to not spend a week slowly ramping up the metronome, then get stopped after the first note to talk tone for half the lesson. So relaxation, embouchure, air, throat, conception of tone and hearing the goal before playing. Probably this means everything slower than I'd like, *sigh*, but maybe the sound will be better.

Started working reeds again. Threw a couple away without much work, which is a milestone. I had better blanks on which to spend my time, and I guess I've learned that construction problems can't really be fixed. G9 was one, it felt giant, I guess it was one of my wide experiments. XX was the other, the cane slipped at the shoulder. Currently fighting Nxx, trying to get it acceptably soft without killing E3. At the moment it's both tubby and too hard, which seems like a contradiction, but there it is.

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