Saturday, August 14, 2010

A bad job on Louchez 7

Was feeling a little frustrated at the lack of progress on my project to record all the Louchez studies, so I turned on the mic for #7. At first it was a total disaster, but after a number of runs, I got one that was merely terrible. I've posted it below. It's frustrating, because it's a pretty piece, but I'm not able to take it quickly enough to give it a light, 6/8 allegretto air, plus all the goofs (and worse yet, the *fear* of goofs) make it feel stodgy. So it sucks. Maybe it's the best I can do, right now today? Fine, whatever, but why should that affect how the listener hears it? It's either effective and works, or it's not.

Louchez7 by TFox17

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