Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reed log

I think it's time to work on reeds a bit again. I clipped wires and put nail polish on G6, G7, G8, and G9. G8 and G9 are the really big ones, though G6 and G7 both fit on the mandrel ~4 mm beyond the mark. These have all been sitting wired at least six weeks. Scrape tomorrow. And put four more pieces of cane in to soak.

Still practicing Mildes, but looking for something easier, I looked over my books of studies. I actually went back to early Weissenborn, stuff written for the player who only knew about ten notes. I could pretty much sight read these, and had lots of neurons left over to try and play them really musically -- not just perfect notes and intonation, but also exaggerated dynamics and phrasing. Should try recording something like that, to see if the result comes through.

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