Monday, March 22, 2010

G10 and G11

Wired and numbered a couple of reeds. They've been annealing on the forming mandrels for some weeks, so they are well past due to get moved. G11 suffered some sort of accident during shaping, I think, it's a little narrow at the butt end, and after wiring, doesn't want to drop onto the mandrel even as far as the mark, even though I wire at about 4 mm beyond the mark.

Had a rehearsal this evening, and a show at an old age home next week. On the program is the Magic Flute overture, which the group hadn't run until tonight since they'd done it just a few months ago, before I showed up. I'd forgotten to practice, and hmm, even though I'm playing second, it was still interesting. I better take a look before next week.

On the Mildes, I was supposed to be done with #4 on Saturday, but I haven't even recorded the pre-week "before" run-through, much less practiced it for a week. I'll get to it, not sure when.

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