Monday, December 7, 2009

A minor milestone

My goals are reeds, intonation, and tone. I figure that once I'm able to stand listening to myself play, it'll be easier to figure out what I want to do next. So I've been focusing on self-sufficiency and sound. And first of all, trying to learn reedmaking through making a lot of reeds. Everything requires learning through mistakes, so the faster you start making mistakes, the more you can learn. I passed through a milestone on the weekend. When I started again, my reed case was full of historical reeds, made by my teachers twenty years or more ago. I took some out to make room for the reeds made by a local pro to start me off, and more once I started producing. Well on the weekend, I wanted to pack with me a couple of my latest blanks, not really playable, but in case I found time for scales or whatever, and had a moment to work on breaking them in. To make room, I had to remove the last of the historic reeds, one that still works from my teacher during high school, a reed I'd kept with me for reference. I set it on my bench. For now, all the reeds I have with me are new.

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