Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Weatherman says it's -34, the dogs say it's cold. The windows are creaking, and the furnace running continually. And I'm done taking my bassoon through the weather. Had a lunch hour benefit on Friday, chamber music, easy Christmas songs with a few other players. It was supposed to be easy, anyway -- four parts, and about ten of us, so everything was doubled, me sharing part 4 with a cello. So suddenly, not only do I have to hit every note, because it's exposed, I also have to manage to make unisons in tune... on every note. Hard work. Plus one really scored for cello, an entire page of slurred triplet leaps through the low register, without as much as an eighth note of rest anywhere. But TS managed to make it, she hadn't been able to come to the previous shows, and heard me play.

Got my bassoon out last night, to play a few minutes before bed. I did random intervals, with the tuner on. And the mike too, since I was curious how I was sounding. I figured I'd listen after. Played for a bit, was almost starting to get bored, and checked the computer... 58 minutes of track, 300MB of files. Hm, no, I'm not going to listen to all that, but I listened to a few random bits, and some of them sounded better than I expected. Aside from the missed entrances, the flips between some notes, and always the intonation, the intonation...

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