Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nobelist: I owe it all to bassoon

There are lots of famous people who are secretly bassoonists. Thomas Sudhof, who just got the Nobel prize in Medicine for his work on vesicle trafficking, is one of them. Here's a quote from a 2009 interview:

Who was your most influential teacher, and why?My bassoon teacher, Herbert Tauscher, who taught me that the only way to do something right is to practice and listen and practice and listen, hours, and hours, and hours.

h/t Slipped Disc


  1. I'd love to know who all these other famous people are who are secretly bassoonists. Been trying to find some, to no avail...

  2. has a list of a few, including a reference to Charles Darwin experimenting on earthworms with bassoon sound. I was actually thinking of Richard Dawkins, who I'm pretty sure appeared in a photo in his house with a bassoon sitting in its stand next to the piano. I can't find the reference, so I could have confused him with someone else, though. Another good one is Giles Brindley, the urologist who discovered erectile dysfunction drugs. I wrote most of a post on him but never finished it, he's a bizarre dude.