Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reviewing the Milde scale studies

My teacher once mentioned someone who, preparing for a job audition, made the practice of playing every one of the scale studies, every day. Then he (or she? I don't know whose story this is) played through all 50 of the Milde concert studies. Seems like a lot of work, to me, but, so the story goes, the player won the audition. Yesterday, with some holiday time and energy and no desperate need to be practicing anything in particular, I decided to try it out. I started with Number 1, C scales, and played slow enough to try and be clean. I stopped to review bits that were no longer under my fingers, then continued. I was surprised at how much I remembered of each one. I could remember the discussions of each phrasing choice, even though I hadn't looked at some of these in years. And playing through many of them, back to back, certainly gave me a unified outlook on the Milde style. The whole thing took a long time. Much longer than I expected, really, hours and hours, long enough to attract comments from my family. I can only assume that the person who was doing all of Milde every day knew them better than me, and could get through them quicker.

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