Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bassoforte photo

From an article found by 'ljhendren':

Guntram Wolf is holding the contraforte on the left, and his son Peter is on the right, holding the Bassoforte. Hard to tell too much from this one photo, but: similar form to a conventional bassoon, consisting of a conical tube folded once. It looks long, so maybe goes down to an A1. And the diameter near the bell looks pretty fat, so I'm guessing the bore angle is a little bigger. This could be the source of the "greater dynamic range". Heckel widened the bore angle a bit in 1922, with the large bore aka short bore instruments having more projection. Fox sells both wide and narrow bore instruments. The saxophone has a wider bore angle yet, and no difficulties projecting. I'll be interested to hear how the new horn sounds.

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