Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Four weeks to go

I'll be performing the Mozart four weeks from tonight. Here's a runthrough from this morning. I find that making recordings has really helped; I tend to hear things on the recording that don't even occur to me to listen for when I'm practicing. It's usually easy stuff, or things that I think are supposed to be easy: is that trill four beats long, or do I go for about six before rushing into a cutoff? Scale runs that I've ignored because "scales are easy". Are the first four notes in tune, in time and in tone? At least then I become aware of other things I need to practice too.

I'm posting it here not because it's great, but it's a reasonable view of where I am now. And besides, posting audio creates a little more performance pressure when making the recording, and practicing performing under pressure always seems like a good idea. With the SoundCloud recording, I think it's possible for anyone to add comments to the track. (I think you have to go to the direct link for the clip, and make an account.) I'd certain welcome it if anyone did, positive or negative. Someday I'd like to put something on YouTube, and hopefully attract a YouTube-style "you suck" commenter. It's something to work towards.

  Mozart runthrough 2011-04-26 by TFox17

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