Friday, October 29, 2010


Lesson went okay, I guess, considering my practicing. Got some compliments on phrasing in the study, got criticized for not pushing tempos. Flip sides of the same coin, I think, and both a consequence of practicing slowly sans metronome. I'm supposed to push the tempo on the scales when "it gets boring", but I don't find a scale boring at any tempo, there's so much to think about with tone, so I better start pushing tempos regardless. Still accurate, but challenge speed as well as every other aspect of playing. And I'm never supposed to practice a scale without a metronome again.

The big news is medical -- my teacher ripped some tendons in his left hand while working on a bicycle. He can't play at all at the moment, or is stopping to speed healing, anyway. Good thing it happened after his big recital, but still scary. My first teacher once got a viral infection, which basically paralyzed half of his face. It was caught quickly, and he recovered, but still, if you're relying on your physical condition to make a living, even thinking about these things can be frightening. I sometimes have nightmares about losing a pinky, maybe in an accident, or through some weird Yakuza ritual, and I don't even rely on playing. I hope he's healing quickly and well.

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