Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As an example, here are a couple bars of Milde 4, taken from my runthrough at the beginning of my 9/23 lesson.
Milde4-9-23-lesson-excerpt17m01s(init) by TFox17

My tone in general isn't really vibrant and projecting enough. To address this, from a playing perspective, we've been working on a bunch of things like wrapping lips tight around teeth, to reduce the area of lip damping the reed, tighter lips, so the reed is held in a harder surface, lips supported by teeth (but never biting! the difference between biting and support has never been obvious to me), sometimes different things in the mouth/throat (but opening your throat seems incompatible with closing your jaw for support), and most of all and always, working on support in the air column. Not just a little bit, nor just a little bit more, but basically as much as physically possible, all the time. From a reed perspective, wider tip opening, with some thinning of tip and sides to get the stiffness down.

Here's another attempt, not yet successful, from later in the same lesson.

Milde4-9-23-lesson-excerpt25m40s(bad) by TFox17

Here's an attempt that's better:
Milde4-9-23-lesson-excerpt26m50s by TFox17
I think the key there was less pressure on reed, more open jaw. Or something, maybe I just had more air pressure.

And finally, my teacher playing the lick.
Milde4-9-23-lesson-excerpt25m05s(M) by TFox17

Tone is a really difficult subject, incorporating zillions of reputed effects, some of which may matter, or not. Googling, I found a post from a flute player, tackling some of the same kinds of questions. And a flute is much simpler, mechanically, than a bassoon, since there's no reed, it's just hard metal and player.

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