Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I'm back from traveling, and starting to practice again. First couple of days were a bear, it felt totally alien to have this buzzing thing in my mouth. And not just me, but the reeds, too, felt like they weren't used to working. I'm over that now, but my teacher changed some fingerings on me, and I'm having great trouble adjusting. I'm to add the Eb vent on D3 (and I'm guessing Eb3 as well), put down the whisper key on G3 (and probably F#3 and G#3), and remove the vent on B3 and C4. D3 is the one that kills me, because it basically adds a pinky finger motion opposite to fourth finger, when getting the fourth finger to behave is bad enough. Still, it helps the intonation, on what was previously perhaps my worst note. Still, at this point, I feel like getting back into the practice of practicing is the most important step. It doesn't matter if I sound worse than I did at my last lesson, the point is to practice practicing.

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