Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another recording

This is on reed G2, another hymn. The D's above the staff don't feel stable, and the D's in the staff seem nasal -- I wonder if these are related.

Update: Gah, that's terrible. Maybe I should practice getting the notes right before uploading. Here's changing just production (reverb, panning, bass boost). Helps a bit I think.

Second update: another hack at it, rerecording every part. This is better I think, though if I listen to each track on its own, I still hear lots to improve. And that's with about two hours of work on 20 seconds of extremely easy music. *sigh* (Reverb is small chamber, 22%. At 100% the exported result was noticably softer, wonder what's up with that. Yeah, normalize was on.)


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